Maurice Frank

Hummingbird Diagnostics Soilytix



Founding Engineer

Building a data-driven platform for analyzing agricultural data and providing insights to farmers, agronomists and decision makers. Full-stack development of a web app for data visualization and analysis.

NextJS / d3 / causality / nivo
Hummingbird Diagnostics

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning research for RNA-Seq; Causal predictive tools from NGS and Nanopore data; In-house interactive web app for data, feature, and result analysis; Set-up of MLOps infrastructure to enable to run code-free ML analysis across large set of datasets and objectives

Python / PyTorch / NGS / ONT / DASH
University of Amsterdam

Research intern

Intern at Max Welling's Machine Learning Lab at the University of Amsterdam.

Python / PyTorch / SLURM
BMW Group

Machine learning engineer - Intern

Building statistical models to analyze engine part quality and live fleet monitoring data; Building a production-ready data visualization app.

Python / PySpark / Palantir Foundry / Dash / Agile development
Bürgerwerke eG

Full-stack web developer

Ground-up development of a team communication and organization web portal in Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails / Python


University of Amsterdam

M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

Specialization in topics: Theoretical machine learning, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Information theory

GPA 4/4, cum laude
University Heidelberg

B.Sc. Applied Computer Science

Specialization on image processing and pattern recognition: Deep Learning, 3D Computer vision, medical image analysis, fairness in AI

GPA 3.58/4